Seven Deadly Sins 


After discovering old daguerreotype death portraits the artist became fascinated in the imagery of death, its expression, and the reasons for such a grim souvenir of a loved one. The idea of a portrait or monument to someone’s guise is such a celebration and tribute. But why celebrate such an unsettling and mournful event? The obsession with such images, their beauties, and the taboos that revolve around them is the basis of the work. The discomforts that surround these images explore our fear or sensitivity to death. 

Using the Seven Deadly Sins as a point of departure for this photographic series, the artist has created a set of images that both represent each sin and delve deeper into the human imperfections we all possess. 




This one of a kind artist book contains finished photographs from the "Seven Deadly Sins" series from 2012 as well as in progress photographs, process and contact sheets. It is printed on Red River Double-Sided Luster Paper, hand bound, and covered in an inkjet printed glossy canvas.